Will Kane Waselenchuk Break Cliff Swain’s Record of “Most Tournament Wins”? (currently at 70**)

Kane Waselenchuk

Kane Waselenchuk currently holds just about every major pro racquetball record. At the upcoming Ghost of Georgetown  IRT Tier 1 tournament (Sep 12-15), Kane can break yet another record of “Most tournament Wins” currently held by Hall of Fame Legend Cliff Swain.  It’s ironic that both Kane and Cliff are the topic of many heated fan debates over the coveted unofficial title of “Greatest of All Time“.  This record should be the deciding factor, especially when you consider Kane’s overall career Won/Loss Percentage of .899.  In comparison, #2 on this list is Marty Hogan at .846.

For Swain fans, there is still one record left for bragging rights. Cliff is still #1 when it comes to career match wins at 727.  Marty Hogan is #2 with 506, Jason Mannino is #3 with 395 and Kane is at #4 with 382.  Since Kane is the only player amongst this esteemed group of Legends currently active on the IRT Pro Tour, it is a safe bet that he will continue his dominance of pro racquetball and will soon “own it all…”

**In the late 70s/early 80s there were MANY “unsanctioned” tourneys won by players of the era (Marty Hogan mostly) that were not officially recorded into the NRC match database. (Thanks to Boss Consulting Racquetball Database for all the stats used in this Blog.)

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