My unbiased reporting on the Advocare 24 Day Challenge

For those who do not know, my life took a big turn in the road on Mother’s Day of this year. After experiencing some very minor stomach cramps over a course of 3 days, my loving wife convinced me to go the Emergency Room. The doctors in the  ER ordered a CT Scan which revealed that I had a ruptured appendix with internal infection of the intestines, which also was threatening my colon. After the emergency surgery I spent 5 days in the hospital, only to be released and then readmitted a few days later for internal infection concerns.

Once I was at home recuperating, I began to struggle with incision infection issues. Without getting real gross, the internal infection I was fighting caused fluid to push its way through my rather larger mid-line abdominal incision, causing the sutures to bust open. Not fun. I spent more time dealing with the incision stuff than I did with the actual ruptured appendix. (4 additional trips to the ER).

Fast forward to today (August 3rd, 2013) and my incision has finally closed and healed (after pulling out a 1/2 inch long suture that poked it’s way through). I am not oozing fluid and the tenderness, while still present, is subsiding. I am back to doing cardio on my recumbent bike and some light weights. I’m not quite there yet for situps, crunches and ab work.

I NEVER weigh myself. All this accomplishes is measuring the pull of gravity. The best weight scale is the mirror in your bathroom. Look at yourself…if you see a big tub of goo, you should probably do something about it. Having said that, the ER intake folks put me on a scale so I knew my weight before the surgery. Then last Thursday, during my latest post-surgery visit to my surgeon, the nurse made me step on “the pull of gravity measuring device” (scale). The scale reflected that I “lost” about 12 pounds since the Mother’s Day surgery.

In addition, after being on my back for roughly 6 weeks and looking at myself in the mirror, I can see that I have lost muscle tone and it seems like everything has “shifted down”. (Think Grandma and her boobs). The surgery cut my abdominal wall muscles and this resulted in my waist size  expanding, even though I have actually lost 12 pounds. Unfortunately, what I lost was muscle mass and not fat.

So I have made a commitment to not only get my strength and endurance back, but in addition I am going to lose fat and regain the  muscle I lost. For the fat-loss part, I have started the Advocare 24 Day Challenge and I will report my experiences and true results over in the STAYING IN SHAPE section of the 40By FORUM.

I bought the Advocare 24 Day Challenge Bundle directly from a website with no ties to anyone I know that sells the stuff. (Sorry Linda!!!). I did this to avoid being accused of being a shill for an Advocare distributor. So, regardless of the results, you will get a fair assessment. I will get on a scale on Day 24 just to report any “pull of gravity” weight loss. I may post “before & after” pics…maybe. (My stomach looks really gross right now)

So here goes…..

DAY 1:


Drank the Spark stuff. OK tasting. It’s supposed to be an energy drink/ coffee substitute for those of you who must have you morning blast of mojo. (Odd that it has 120mg mg of caffeine though…about the same as a cup of regular black coffee or 1.5 cans of Red Bull). Looks like I drink this stuff 30 min’s before the breakfast and lunch meals.

YUCK!!!!! The Fiber Drink is gross!!!! Good thing it goes down easy. A portion compliant bowl of oatmeal (complex carb) an apple (fruit) and one egg white (protein). Breakfast is done.

I will post as many daily updates as I can  in the Staying In Shape section of  the Forum. (LINK to thread)  The routine is a bit repetitive, but hopefully the results will be worth talking about. (One way or the other…)

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