The Kane Announcement…

Was accurate!

My ranking points calculation was based upon the published IRT tournament schedule and the published rankings as of April 23rd, 2013.  When calculating the points I correctly dropped the lowest scores for both Rocky and Kane and I used the allotted points for the Tier 1 events as identified on the IRT website.  This is where the disconnect happened.

Days after posting the article on the Blog, I learned from the IRT that the Tournament of Champions-Portland stop was NOT a Tier 1 as stated on the IRT website and was actually being counted as a Tier 2 stop for points!  This makes a world of difference because my projection for the IRT World Championship Title race was very close and with the discovery of this error, even closer now.

So where does this leave Kane and Rocky?  I was promised by the IRT that they were having their rankings guru recalculate the points after this weekend’s Stockton ProAm results are in the books.

I still stand by my announcement…Kane can claim his 8th IRT World Championship Title.

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