#1 Kane Waselenchuk vs #2 Rocky Carson

#1 Kane Waselenchuk vs #2 Rocky Carson

#1 versus #2.

Notre Dame vs Alabama

Djokovic vs Federer

Vitali Klitschko vs Alexander Povetkin

Pro racquetball’s top two heavyweights competing against each other in the Finals of a tournament should bring visions of grandeur and competitive excitement. Let me try and put it all in perspective for you.

Over the past decade, Rocky has met Kane in pro matches on 44 occasions. He’s 1 for 44 in those attempts.* It has been almost a decade since Rocky Carson defeated Kane Waselenchuk competitively on a racquetball court.  (I am not including the January 2012 injury forfeit by Kane in the Finals of the New York City Pro/Am.)

The last time Rocky Carson beat The Great One was on May 4, 2003 in the Quarter-finals of the Pro Nationals in Tempe, AZ .  The scores that day were 11-6, 11-7 & 11-8.

1 win in 44 matches.  That’s a 2.22% success rate.  Not very good odds.   (The odds of having a stroke in the USA are 1 in 23.)

It is an understatement to say that Kane has Rocky’s number. That number going into today’s match is “43” as in 43 wins vs 1 loss.

Today’s Final event at the 2013 Coast to Coast California Open could feasibly be the day Rocky defies all the odds and accomplishes a feat no man has done in 4 years: Beat Kane on the court.

Considering the odds, I’m having my blood pressure checked this afternoon.

*Source: Boss Consulting

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2 Responses to #1 Kane Waselenchuk vs #2 Rocky Carson

  1. Todd Boss says:

    Its pretty amazing, Kane’s record against Rocky. My own personal belief is that Rocky just does not have the right game style to challenge Kane. Rocky’s style is essentially a throw-back style to the play of guys like Mike Ray and Charlie Brumfield; a control game, a slow-down game, waiting for errors.

    Problem is, Kane’s such an amazing shotmaker that such a game-style basically allows Kane to wander over to a lob serve, set his feet and attempt a kill shot from 39 feet. Which he makes more often than not.

    There’s definitely “power players” on tour right now (Crowther being the highest ranked example). But Crowther was never consistent enough to challenge. Beltran can play a power game but doesn’t seem to have the conditioning to hang with Kane (whose conditioning remains superior). I think its telling that the trio of power players from the previous generation (Ellis, Swain, Monchik) all had pretty good success against Kane in the early 2000s (as they were departing the scene and Kane was arriving).

    I think the way to attack Kane is to force him to hit his shots off of power serves and not to give him time to set his feet all the time. But until we get a talented enough player who has this power game and is consistent enough to stay on his game all night, we may not see Kane challenged.

  2. Sideout says:


    #1 Kane Waselenchuk defeated #2 Rocky Carson in a 2 hr 20 min 5 game barn-burner at the Coast to Coast California Open by the scores of (13),6,8,(11),8.

    Rocky kept it close all the way down to the last points.
    Congratulations to Kane!
    (My BP was 110/60)

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