OneShot Sports Announcement

John Scott

Son Nguyen

Athletic apparel manufacturer and distributor OneShot Sports has joined forces with John Scott of in a deal that gives Mr. Scott a majority ownership stake in the popular Huntington Beach, CA based company.

OneShot Sports designs and manufactures apparel designed for Racquetball, Handball, MMA, Paintball, Skate, Surf, and Desert Racing athletes. Proven Champions like Rocky Carson, Cliff Swain, Jason Mannino, John Ellis, Jose Rojas, Rhonda Rajsich, Paola Longoria, Egan Inoue and 20-time Outdoor Champion Brian Hawkes all represent Oneshot Sports.

Professional team sponsorship includes Teams Oneshot Racing and Oneshot Fighting.

OneShot is also the official clothing sponsor for Racquetball and Paddleball News & Info Blog and Forum.

OneShot Sports co-founder and top Pro Outdoor Racquetball player Son Nguyen told

Ravi Sohoni (OneShot co-founder) and I have partnered with John Scott of Enet Live to take Oneshot to the next level! Ravi and I will continue handling the product development and artistic inspiration for all new designs. We will continue promoting OneShot in all sports.

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