Happy New Year!

2011 was kind of a mixed bag for me. I did my third corporate relocation in 7 years (San Francisco Bay Area, Raleigh, NC and now Philly).

I am thankful I have skill sets that employers find valuable. All this Hope & Change has had a huge negative impact on the economy and employment. Hopefully, 2012 will be the end of Hope & Change

In 2011 I lost over 40 lbs and I have about 25 more to go. My goal is to be at the same playing weight as I was in 1983 when I won my last Open Doubles level racquetball tournament in San Diego, which was a genuine accomplishment back then because the competition in San Diego for racquetball was fierce to say the least! I remember players like Charlie Brumfield, Donny Thomas, Steve Strandemo, Bill Sell, Brian Hawkes, David and Andy Gross, Steve Trent, Ed Andrews and even Marty Hogan would play in our local tournaments and the prize money was often greater than current T1 events when you calculate for inflation 1980’s dollars to today.

I have not played much racquetball over past 2 years, choosing instead to focus on paddleball. With my move to Philly, I am getting back to playing racquetball again, but I am still getting a couple paddleball matches in weekly.

With the exception of outdoor WOR events, I have lost interest in shooting racquetball due to all the politics and petty squabbling. Funny thing about this is that I have never made so much as a single dime from shooting racquetball (I donate 100% of any paltry proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project), yet my images are all over the internet and are even used by manufacturers and organizations. I shoot the events at my own expense for “the good of the game“, yet it seems some believe that means for the “good of their gain“.

I am feeling positive about 2012 though. I think we will not only see important meaningful changes for our great country, we will also see some big changes in our beloved sport of racquetball. I am not going to go into any 2012 predictions right now…perhaps later. I will make one prediction though: I think we will see a change of the guard at the top of a major racquetball organization.

I wish everyone here at 40By20.com a prosperous and healthy New Year!

See you on the 40By20…!

Mike Augustin

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