WPRO Boycotting 3 WallBall Championships

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WPRO Boycotting 3 WallBall Championships Las Vegas

Sunday, 8/28/2011

40by20.com has learned that the governing body of women’s professional racquetball (WPRO) has elected to boycott the 2011 3 WallBall Championships in Las Vegas, Sep 21 – 25.  The boycott affects the Top-16 WPRO  professional players.  (Click HERE for current WPRO rankings).

The WPRO boycott is reportedly the result of an unresolved dispute over certain demands and conditions that the WPRO attempted to negotiate on behalf of it’s contracted players.  The WPRO reportedly demanded that 3 WallBall Championships organizers comp additional benefits and agree to certain guarantees for the WPRO.

40by20.com attempted to contact WPRO Commissioner Gigi Rock for official comment but as of publication we have not received a response.

WOR Executive Director and 3 WallBall Championships Co-organizer Hank Marcus did respond to our request for comment and told 40by20.com, “We welcome WPRO players and believe it is unfortunate that WPRO leadership has elected to boycott our event.   We find this decision regrettable and hope WPRO leadership will reconsider their decision so that fans and players alike can enjoy watching the best female racquetball players in the world.”

Mike Coulter, Event Promoter for the 3 WallBall Championships was also interviewed by 40By20.com.   Mr. Coulter told 40By20.com, “The WPRO was demanding certain monetary assurances and expense compensation, but they were not willing to give any guarantees or commitments in return to our event.  After talks with the WPRO to negotiate their demands, which regrettably led to this point, the  WPRO  has chosen not to participate in the tournament.  We welcome continued talks and we are willing to table negotiations of  their demands in looking forward towards next year’s event.”

The 2011 3 WallBall Championships is the second in a row of a series of scheduled annual Las Vegas Grand Slam events that includes outdoor racquetball, handball and paddleball divisions.  The tournament is open to the public and is held on the famous Las Vegas Strip at the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino.  Last year the five-day tournament drew over 400 players from around the world and was viewed by thousands of fans in attendance and over live streaming worldwide internet broadcasts.

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  1. PK Outdoor says:

    It is amazing to me how this information was broken here on 40by20.com and is being discussed on meetandplay.

    One thing is a fact, 40by20.com is where to come for the latest accurate information.

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